A faithful group of four or five cantors are available to lead the singing at the 6.00 pm Vigil Mass on Saturday. Their role is to encourage congregational singing.
the Senior Choir in the Organ Gallery
 Senior Choir

The mixed choir of men and women have been singing for many years at the 11.15 am Mass on Sunday morning. They draw primarily on the classical repertoire of the church’s music tradition, keeping it alive for new generations, and are ably led by a director of great experience and ability.
Children’s Choir
A group of children leads the singing at the 10.00 am family Mass on Sunday morning.
Youth ChoirYouth Choir
This choir consists of a group of students and graduates from the Holy Faith Secondary School in the parish. They have been greatly enhancing our 12.30 pm Sunday Mass with their attractive repertoire of contemporary liturgical music and song.