Parish Podcast

PAREACH is a podcast brought to you by the Parish Pastoral Council Communication Sub Committee. We reach out to share with our listeners some of our life and activities, as we celebrate our faith and strive to encounter with the Lord. We invite you to discover with us how faith is very much alive in our community. Thank you for joining us.

You can listen to our podcasts below, on Spotify, and hopefully very soon, on other Podcast platforms. New episodes will be released fortnightly. Please join us on this new initiative.

Episode 10: Join us as we discuss what is being done to promote Ecumenism in our parish.

Episode 9: Join our discussion with young people, who are making their First Confession.

Episode 8: We invite you to join our discussion with the Funeral Team.

Episode 7: Learn about the integral work of the Finance Committee in a discussion with the chairperson, Eugene Gallagher.

Episode 6: Tune into a discussion with Liam Nolan from the Book Club about all of their activity.

Episode 5: Have a listen to Maura from the Legion of Mary, who tells us all about her time in this group and what it is about.

Episode 4: Learn about the Bethany Bereavement Group and the services that they give in our parish.

Episode 3: Listen to the experiences of the Film Club.

Episode 2: Listen and learn all about what the Peace and Justice group in doing in the Clontarf parish and world wide.

Episode 1: Listen here as we discuss Preparations for First Holy Communion and the Eucharist with three of our young parishioners.

We hope that you enjoyed this podcast. If you would like more information on the activities that were discussed in these episodes, please contact us.