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Coming up to Holy Communion

One of the challenges of the new reality is arranging for people to receive Holy Communion in a way that maintains social distance for all. We would ask those who occupy the central place in each seat to come forward to receive a blessing if you are not receiving Holy...

Stewards needed

Many thanks to all who responded to our call for stewards, a vitally important ministry at this time. We are short of stewards for the 6.00 pm Vigil Mass and the 10.00 am Sunday Mass. Please let us know if you are available to help us out. There is a sheet in the...

Phase 4 of re-opening Ireland

If the Government allows gatherings of 100 people indoors, as planned, we will be able to reach our maximum capacity of 96, allowing for social distancing. This is a much smaller number than we would normally have for Sunday Mass. Please consider coming to a weekday...

Celebration of Confirmation

We are very aware that the young people who were due to make their confirmation last April were extremely disappointed when it could not happen. We are happy to announce that new dates to celebrate this important sacrament have been decided upon. To allow for social...

Celebration of First Holy Communion

The First Holy Communion children were very disappointed when their special day had to be cancelled in May. We are planning to celebrate the children’s First Holy Communion on the last weekend of September (26th/27th). Again, to ensure social distancing, this will...

Reflection on Today’s

Gospel Reading

Wednesday, Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

In today’s first reading from Isaiah, the emperor of Assyria is portrayed as full of self-importance and pride. He proclaims the power of his own strength, intelligence and understanding. He boasts of picking up the whole earth as people pick up deserted eggs. He fails to recognize his place within God’s greater purpose. This is the attitude that lays behind those whom Jesus refers to as ‘the learned and the clever’ in today’s gospel reading. They are so full of their own intelligence and understanding that they are closed to the great wisdom from God that Jesus has come to reveal. It is those whom Jesus refers to in the gospel reading as ‘children’ who are open to receiving this wonderful revelation that Jesus brings from God. Jesus is referring here to his disciples, those whom he asked to become like little children so as to enter the kingdom of heaven. They know their dependence on God, their need of God, their poverty before God; they are poor in spirit. Insofar as we imbibe this fundamental attitude, Jesus will be able to reveal to us everything that has been entrusted to him by God the Father. Jesus wants to draw us into his own relationship with God the Father. He wants us to know the Father as intimately as he knows the Father and as the Father knows him. The relationship between Jesus and his Father is not a closed relationship. Jesus wants to open it up to all of us, but we need something of the openness of children towards him if this great grace of sharing in Jesus’ relationship with God is to come to pass for us.

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