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Lay Ministry Appeal – April 27/28

Lay Ministry Collection, which takes place on the weekend of April 27/28 and will replace the Share collection. We call upon your support to help shape the future of our Church through lay ministry. Your donation can make a significant difference. By encouraging one...


Archbishop Dermot Farrell will lead our annual pilgrimage to Knock on Saturday, April 27.  This year we are celebrating 145 years since the apparition in 1879. We are encouraging Parishes/Parish Partnerships to book buses and to...

Young Adult Camino 2024

We are delighted to launch our Young Adult trip to the Camino June 2024. Completing the last 110km of the Camino from Sarria to Santiago, this is a pilgrimage not to miss! Places are limited and all details, including preparation days, can be found in the poster. If...

Reflection on Today’s

Gospel Reading

Monday, Fourth Week of Easter

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus works with an image that was very familiar to him in the hills of Galilee, that of the sheepfold. The sheepfold was an enclosed area where sheep were kept secure during the night and then, in the morning, were called and led out by their shepherd to pasture. The gate was a very important element in the sheepfold. At nightfall the sheep have to enter through the gate to the protection of the sheepfold. In the morning they have to go out through the gate to pasture. The gate gives access to protection or safety and to sustenance or nourishment. This is the sense of the ‘gate’ that Jesus then applies to himself when he says, ‘I am the gate’. He is both our protector and the one who sustains us. He protects us from the threats to our faith in him, our relationship with him. In the words of the Lord’s Prayer, he delivers us from evil. He also sustains us with the bread of his presence, satisfying the deepest hungers of our heart as our Bread of Life, as well as working to ensure all God’s children have enough physical bread to eat. As the gate, Jesus is our life-protector and our life-giver, or as he says in our gospel reading ‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’. Life to the full is eternal life, the life of God. Jesus has come to lead us to that fullness of life with God where all evil is destroyed and all our deepest hungers are satisfied. He has also come to give us a foretaste of this eternal life here and now. If we keep taking him as our gate, constantly interacting with him through prayer and our daily witness to him, then we will come to experience his protecting and sustaining presence in our daily lives.