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Welcome to the website of Saint John the Baptist Catholic parish in Clontarf. John the Baptist understood his role as bringing people to Jesus. The local church is now called to bring people to Jesus and to reveal him by how we live, serve one another and worship. As a parish community we are called to support one another in our call to bear witness to Jesus as the Light of the World, as the Way, the Truth and the Life. We hope that our parish website helps you to feel a sense of belonging to our parish community.

Fr Martin

Reflection on Today's Gospel Reading

25th January, Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul

Today we celebrate that extraordinary moment in the life of Paul when he was transformed from a persecutor of the church to its great apostle to the Gentiles. Acting as a zealous Pharisee, Paul had done a lot of harm to the church. He was present at the stoning of Stephen, approving of what was happening. Because of his experience of the risen Lord as he approached Damascus, he went on to become someone who was a wonderful blessing for the church. He established churches, communities of believers, throughout modern day Turkey and Greece. It wouldn’t be true to say that Paul changed his religion as a result of what happened to him on the road to Damascus. After his encounter with the risen Lord, he continued to see himself as a Jew, but now he was Jew who believed that the God of Israel had been powerfully revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and that Jesus was the long-awaited Jewish Messiah who was God’s unique Son. It was as if his extraordinary energy as a Pharisee was redirected from opposing what God was doing through Jesus to proclaiming it as good news for Jews and pagans alike. Not only did Paul not change religion, he didn’t change from being a bad person to a good person. He was always a good person. As a Pharisee he was trying to serve God as best he could. Yet, looking back at this time in his life, he came to see that his zeal for God was not enlightened. His meeting with the risen Lord was a moment of enlightenment that allowed him to redirect his zeal in a way that was in keeping with God’s will for his life and for humanity. Religious zeal in itself does not always serve God well. It needs to be rooted in an experience and an understanding of God as God is, as God has been revealed in Jesus. The story of Paul teaches us that there is always room for us to grow in our understanding of God and God’s will for our lives, so that our own zeal for God is directed in a way that really does serve God’s purpose for our world.

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Mass Times

Weekend Masses:  

Saturday: 6pm

Sunday: 10am, 11:15am, 12:30pm

Weekday Masses:

Monday to Saturday: 10am

Sacrament of Baptism:

Second Sunday of the month: 12.30pm Mass.

Third Saturday of the month: 12.00pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Thursday before first Friday after 10.00 am Mass

Saturday, after 10.00 am and 6.00 pm Mass

Holy Hour:

3rd Sunday of the month 7.30pm

Parish Events

Week of Prayer for Unity among Christians, 18th to 25th January

The 2017 theme for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has been selected with a view to the 500th anniversary year of the beginnings of the Reformation. The theme is “Reconciliation – The Love of Christ Compels Us” (2 Corinthians 5:14-20). The materials for this week of prayer have two accents: reflection upon the […]

Parish Holy Hour

Our next Holy Hour is on Sunday, 22nd January, at 7.30 pm in our parish church. This is an opportunity to reflect together on two gospel passages before the Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament. On the first Sunday of Advent we began the Year of Matthew (Year A). We will reflect on two passages […]

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council is on Tuesday, 17th January at 7.30 pm in the presbytery, 187 Clontarf Road. If there are any issues you would like raised at the meeting, please mention them to any member of the PPC.

Do this in Memory Mass

The next Do this in Memory Mass with a special focus on the children who are to celebrate their first communion in May will be the Family Mass on Sunday, 22nd January, at 10.00 am. There is a meeting of the Do this in Memory team to prepare for this Mass on Monday, 16th January, […]

Confirmation children

The children who are to make their confirmation in May will be making their promise in relation to abstaining from alcohol and drugs on Sunday, 15th January, in the three Clontarf parishes. Please remember our young people in your prayers.