Year of Prayer 2024

Year of Prayer 2024: The first offering for this special year at the Monastery of St Alphonsus took place on January 29, based on the wisdom tradition of the Desert Mothers and Fathers. The full resource is attached for reflection and prayer. You can also watch the recording on the monastery website.

The second service offers seven different ways of praying in Lent on Monday, February 19. Join us in person or online


The third service before Easter will be a model Service of Reconciliation rooted in the call of all Christians to be ministers of Justice and Peace. This will take place on Monday, March 11, at 8pm.

Emmanuel 2024: Join us at the Helix for the Emmanuel Concerts on 12/13/14 March at 7.30p.m. 600 students per day sing their hearts out with a professional band accompanied by student instrumentalists. Book your tickets via 01 7007000 or online at For a preview, recordings are available on iTunes Store, Apple Music, Spotify, Play Music or YouTube. All soloists (about 100) will gather soon, hosted by Holy Faith Secondary School, Glasnevin, and supported by a team of coaches, to help them bring out their best performances.