Society of St Vincent de Paul

I was hungry and you gave me food. Mathew 25:35

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) charity is a Christian voluntary organisation, working with poor and disadvantaged people.

The primary activity of the SVP is to make visitations to families/individuals in need. They organise a monthly church gate collection in the Parish. These funds are then used to help people in need both within the Parish and in adjoining areas of the city where the needs can be greater.

There are about ten active members in our Conference. They meet every Tuesday from 7.15pm to 8.15/8.30pm, in the Parish Centre and allocate visits to members. These members, in pairs, then make arrangements among themselves as to what time and day they make their visits. The monthly collection is organised on a rota basis and takes place outside the churches of the Parish before/after the Masses on the first weekend of the month.

Episode 18 of our Parish Podcast features the work of the St Vincent de Paul’s Group, what they do and how they reach out. Listen below, or on your favourite podcast platform.

If you would like to join this group or request more information, please contact our Parish Office.