Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PCC) was formed in February 2005.

The current members of the PPC are:

Rev Martin Hogan   Briain O’Ceallaigh (Chair)     Anne Glennon
Rev John Callanan   Daniela Tropea     Eileen Kane
Carole Carragher (Sec)    Liam Nolan     Teresa Menendez
 Deirdre Nichol   Monica Walsh


The mission statement of the Parish Pastoral Council was as follows:

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) aims to build up a loving and caring Christian Community by:

  • supporting the proclamation of the Word of God and the formation of our parishioners in the faith, especially young and new Irish parishioners;
  • fostering the liturgical and prayer life of the parish;
  • supporting the institution of marriage and the families who live in our parish;
  • enabling committed Catholics to carry out their vocation to shape society in accordance with the Gospel;
  • strengthening commitment to social justice in our parish and caring for the marginalized in our area;
  • engaging people of all cultures, religious denominations and sincere convictions who visit or reside in our parish;

The stated purpose of the PPC was to:

  • promote pastoral co-operation between our parish and neighbouring parishes;
  • reflect on the Mission Statement aims with a view to proposing concrete courses of action;
  • advise the priests of the parish on possible ways of realizing the aims set out in the; Mission Statement
  • identify potential group leaders and help them to develop their leadership skills within the context of faith development and mission;
  • identify educational needs in the parish and implement suitable training programmes;
  • periodically evaluate the work of the PPC and of the parish groups, ensuring that these groups are co-ordinated in working towards the achievement of the Mission Statement aims;
  • take pastoral leadership initiatives where appropriate;

The PPC would like to hear from parishioners about their experience of our parish and how they would like to see the parish develop.