Diocesan Safeguarding Day, Sunday 25th September

Sunday 25th September was Diocesan Safeguarding Day. The theme this year “Safeguarding – A Gospel value”. If we purely see the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults as a response to the Church’s failings of the past, we fail to understand its true meaning. Central to the Gospels we listen to every week is Jesus reaching out to children and vulnerable adults. We see Jesus rebuke the disciples in a line from Matthew’s gospel where He says “let the children come to me, don’t stop them”. Unless you become like one of these little ones, you shall not enter the Kingdom of God. In all four Gospels, we see Jesus reaching out to the most vulnerable, the blind, the lame , the leper or the sinner. Here we see the true meaning of safeguarding.  Attached is a letter and video from Archbishop Farrell Video, Safeguarding Sunday Letter from Archbishop 2022